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Functional Gene Control
We are interested in how genomic and epigenetic information is integrated with extrinsic signals to promote concerted changes in gene expression.

We aim to decipher the ground rules of gene regulation and establish their functional interplay in biological phenomena involving global changes in phenotype, such as in cell differentiation and activation. Our current focus is on the role of non-coding DNA elements such as enhancers in integrating and transmitting gene regulatory information.

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MRC LMS, ICS & Imperial College
Located in West London, MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences is a fantastic place to do basic research with clinical implications. We are affiliated with Epigenetics and Integrative Biology sections, sharing an open-plan space in the new ICTEM building with other experimental and computational groups.

MRC LMS is part of Imperial College’s Institute of Clinical Sciences (ICS) and is based on the Hammersmith Hospital campus, opening up many exciting opportunities for collaborations across disciplines.



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Lera’s and Helen’s preprint is out!

Lera’s and Helen’s preprint describing a high-resolution promoter interaction profiling of a rare cell type, Type 3 Inn…

Valeriya is starting her own lab!

Our senior postdoc Valeriya Malysheva is leaving us soon to start her own lab at the VIB Institute of Molecular Neurolo…

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