Valeriya Malysheva


I use a combination of wet-lab and computational approaches to study promoter-enhancer interactions in the context of gene regulatory networks.

Helen Ray-Jones


I use population genetics approaches to understand the logic of enhancer-promoter interactions.

Monica Della Rosa

PhD student

Monica is investigating the logic of gene regulation by enhancer elements in human pluripotent cells.

Michiel Thiecke

PhD student

Michiel is studying the epigenetic properties and dynamics of promoter interactions in 3D space.

Lina Dobnikar

PhD student

Lina uses single-cell transcriptomics to study vascular smooth muscle cell plasticity.

Anna Litovskikh

BSc student

Anna works with Helen to study the chromatin properties of genetic variants.

Mikhail Spivakov

Group Leader

I am interested in the logic and robustness of gene regulation. I am also interested in keeping the group happy and motivated.

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Group Alumni

Will Orchard

Visting student

    Will went back to continue his studies at Cambridge University.

    Jo Mitchelmore

    PhD student

      Jo moved on to a Data Scientist position at Novartis Institutes of Biomedical Research in Basel.

      Jonathan Cairns

      Postdoc (jointly with Peter Fraser group at Nuclear Dynamics ISP)

        Jonathan moved to become a Senior Research Statistician at AstraZeneca.

        Hashem Koohy

        Postdoc (jointly with Nuclear Dynamics ISP)

          Hashem moved to start his own group at Oxford University’s Radcliffe Department of Medicine.

          Paula Freire Pritchett


            Paula moved to MRC LMB as a founding member of the core bioinformatics facility.

            Mirko Celii

            Visting postdoc

              Mirko was visiting us from Valerio Orlando’s lab to study the nuclear dynamics of muscle cell differentiation.

              Pawel Bednarz

              Visiting student

                Pawel moved back to Poland to finish his PhD at Warsaw University.

                Phoebe Oldach

                MPhil student

                  Phoebe moved back to the US, and then again on the island to do a PhD at Oxford.

                  Sunghee Park

                  Visiting professor

                    Sunghee is now back at Soongsil University in Seoul.

                    Qian Gao

                    Postdoc (jointly with Jon Houseley group at Epigenetics ISP)

                      Qian joined Adaptimmune as a bioinformatics scientist.

                      Erin Oerton

                      Rotation PhD student

                        Erin moved on to do a PhD in Andreas Bender’s group at Cambridge University’s Department of Chemistry

                        Manuela Zanda

                        Visiting postdoc

                          Manuela was staying with us in 2013 as part of our collaboration with her main lab at UCL led by Vincent Plagnol. Manuela has moved on to become a data scientist at ARM.