Our public science project makes it to London’s Science Museum Lates

A collaborative public science project between Babraham Institute scientists, electronic musician Max Cooper and video artist Andy Lomas that was initiated by Mikhail has made it to Science Museum Lates yesterday!

The centrepiece of our exhibit, “Chromos”, was a virtual reality walkthrough the 3D structure of chromosomes based on 3D models of interphase chromatin generated from single-cell Hi-C data. The project also featured a music video based on the same data and a presentation about the science behind this work.

Molecular dynamics simulations by Csilla Varnái (Peter Fraser’s group) using single-cell Hi-C data from Takashi Nagano were used for both the video and the VR. The science presentation was put together by Stefan Schoenfelder, Csilla and Mikhail. Special thanks go to Babraham Institute’s public engagement team (and particularly Tacita Croucher) who managed and funded this project, and Babraham scientists Valeriya Malysheva, Zahra Fahmi, Daisy Luff and Rafeah Alam who volunteered at the event!


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