Paper on linking GWAS SNPs with target genes with Promoter Capture Hi-C is out!

This paper, published in today’s issue of Cell, presents a high-resolution analysis of interactions involving nearly all annotated promoters in 17 human primary blood cell types. Integrating promoter interaction maps with chromatin and population genetics data, we link enhancers and promoters, and disease-associated variants with their putative target genes. The paper is the result of a large multi-centre collaboration of Peter Fraser’s and our labs at Babraham Institute with fantastic colleagues and friends from other Cambridge centres. It’s been a hugely productive and exciting collaboration, which will hopefully continue beyond this project.

Paper (open access): http://www.cell.com/cell/fulltext/S0092-8674(16)31322-8.
A minireview presenting this paper in the same issue of Cell: http://www.cell.com/cell/fulltext/S0092-8674(16)31519-7 (Open Access).
Press release: http://www.babraham.ac.uk/news/2016/11/researchers-identify-missing-links-that-connect-human-dna-variation-with-disease

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Paula is moving to the LMB

We are saying goodbye to the first brave person who joined Mikhail’s group when it was starting from scratch. Paula is moving several miles up the road to MRC LMB – to work on establishing a core bioinformatics service there. We are very sorry Paula is leaving us, but congratulate her on securing a job at such a fantastic place.

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Group retreat – science at the Eagle and Laser Tag

This year’s group retreat started with science brainstorming at the famous Eagle pub (which, bizarrely, opens for business at 8am). We then went over to Letchworth for an hour of laser tag! Turns out shooting at your colleagues is a lot of fun – especially when they don’t feel anything (unlike in paintball or in the more extreme version of laser tag involving electric shocks)…


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CHiCAGO is part of Bioconductor 3.3 release

The Chicago and PCHiCdata R packages are now part of the new Bioconductor release (3.3).

Their stable versions are now available here:


The chicagoTools scripts are not part of Bioconductor and will continue to be available from our Bitbucket repository:


As Bioconductor releases only happen twice a year, the Bitbucket repository will also continue to host the most recent versions of the R packages.

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Science and bubble football

Our group retreat this year featured science discussions… and bubble football!



Both were a great success, despite the few bruises (from football!) and the pouring rain (which is why it was impossible to take pictures at the pitch). The match has ended in a draw – as a true testament of our team spirit!

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