We are always happy to hear from enthusiastic people interested in studying gene regulation using a combination of experimental and computational approaches. Whether your primary background is biological or numerical (statistical, computational, physical, etc.) we look forward to hearing from you.


All funded postdoc positions are advertised on jobs websites such as Jobs.ac.uk and Naturejobs. Positions may also be posted on our newsfeed, so watch this space!

Alternatively, if you would like to apply for a personal fellowship to join our group, please get in touch to discuss possible projects and funding routes.

PhD students

MRC LMS offers fully funded PhD studentships registered with Imperial College. Please see Studying at the LMS pages for more details. Contact Mikhail if you have an alternative source of PhD funding, such as a studentship from your home country, and are interested to work with us.

Masters students, interns and summer students

Please contact us if you would like to do a project with us. Several funding options for summer students may be available, deadlines for which are usually in January-February each year, so this will require a bit of planning.