Enhanc3D Genomics and our group contribute to COVID-19 GWAS interpretation

In collaboration with Enhanc3D Genomics Ltd, we have linked non-coding GWAS SNPs associated with COVID-19 susceptibility and severity with their putative target gene based on 3D chromosomal conformation in blood cells.

For this analysis, we have used the COGS approach and Promoter Capture Hi-C data from our earlier study (Javierre et al., Cell 2016). The GWAS data are coming from the COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative that we have joined for this task.

Our data are currently available at https://osf.io/k2mxe/ and will evolve with the next releases of the GWAS meta-analysis dataset. Our results will also be posted on the www.covid19hg.org website in due course.

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